Avoiding Newb Mistakes
A newbie or a newb/noob is someone who is new to the game. Furthermore, they don’t understand
the mechanics of the game. It has also been used to describe as someone who is inept and useless.
Calling someone a newb in the MMORPG world is an insult along the lines of saying you stink! There
are many newbish mistakes that you definitely need to avoid when playing in a team and guild
environment. Some of the more common ones are outlined here.

Two of the biggest blunder in any MMORPG are outlined here. Get caught doing one of these and
your likely out the door in your team and in your guild. There are tons of newb mistakes!! Most of us
learned them thru trial and error. Some mistakes are very costly. Some of you can never get your
foot back into that uber guild doorway again because of that one immature mistake you made. Not
something you want to do thru trial and error.

You can learn and find the rest of these mistakes outlined in the team player guide.

Asking for money
One of the biggest newbie moves is to ask a stranger for money or loot. Only a newbie will do this.
Imagine in real life, you are walking in the streets of the city and asking random people for change.
That is the equivalent of this newbish move in the MMORPG world. Not only is this inconsiderate, it
is also rude. Although this is a fantasy world, things need to be earned and various items have weight
in the game economics. No one should expect something for nothing. Those who expect a handout
will quickly find themselves alone and left behind. In a team and guild environment, asking for
money/loot may be appropriate if you know the people.

Asking to be leveled
The second biggest newbie move in most MMORPG is to ask others to level you. This annoying
request will lose you more friends in a heartbeat. It suggests that you don’t have the time or the
dedication to develop your character and that you’re looking to gain something for nothing. Most
newbs will ask strangers to “power leveled” them where they just tag along and leech off the
experience coming in. Some power leveling can be done with the player away from key. Most people
consider a request for leveling rude and something that only a 13 year old would request. Even in a
team or guild environment, power leveling is shunned by most uber guilds. Just like in the real world,
there is no easy ticket and those who are looking to cheat their way to the top are not respected.

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