Guild Member Obligations
All members in your guild should be given a list of expectations that they should follow and a set of
goals they need to abide by being part of your uber guild. Having and maintaining a lasting and
effective uber guild requires teamwork and everyone to perform their part.

Game Activity
Members that are part of you guild should be actively playing the game. Without active players, your
guild is as good as dead. My recommendation is that all members that are inactive for 10-15 days to
be kicked with the exception of a reasonable excuse.

Guild Activity
There is nothing more sad than a guild with its members not playing with each other. What would be
the point of being in the same guild if there is no teamwork and cooperation? Therefore, it is vital to
expect all your guild members to team and play together for a majority of the time. Members are also
obligated to attend as many scheduled guild events, tasks and raids. Guild events takes a lot of time
and planning. The least your members can do is show up. Those who display a pattern of guild
inactivity should be warned or kicked. An option used by some consist of tracking member activity
by designated "raid points" or "badges" for each event.

Website Activity
Guild Solidarity
Guild Etiquette

Member obligations to the guild helps set the standard. The more your members follow your rules
and expectations, the more organized and the more attractive your guild will appear to the new
recruits. Be firm with your expectations and deal with those who are below standards. Reward those
who rise above your expectations and their obligations.

You can find more detail examples of Guild & Player obligations in the Guildhelper Creation
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