Guild Officers &Who to Promote?
The role of the officer position is crucial in any guild. They are your backbone and your support
system for you to run an effective guild. They are the generals of your army. There are many
important things to consider regarding officers. Sometimes, there are issues many leaders do not
consider until it bites them from behind. Here are some basic issues you need to consider; with
themore detailed issues discussed in our Guildhelper guild creation starter kit.

There are many different types of officer one can have in a guild. Depending on how big your guild
is, the number of officers can vary greatly. In general, you will need

Recruiting officers
In general, the recruiting officer is the most common type. These are the officer that recruit and
evaluate your members. You need to be on the same page as your recruiting officers. They need to
know what type of soldiers your guild is looking for; What type of personality and traits are
compatible, etc.

Conflict Officers
Communication Officers
Event Officers

Detailed description about each officer role and additional officers (for larger guilds) are fully
explained in our creation guide.

Finding the right officer can be challenging. In a big guild, there are many people to choose from.
There are guild members who want to be officers but would not be effective in that role. There are
others whose loyalty and dedication is uncertain. Then there are those who are just too lazy or don't
see eye to eye with you. There are those with personality and character flaws that can cause more
problems than solving them. So who do you promote??

Finding the best officers is not only who you get along with. You need to see who can get the job
done effectively. There are certain things that can help you determine their qualifications including

  • Personality Traits
  • Real Life Profession
  • Guild Dedication and Activity
  • Game Knowledge
  • and more (detailed description in our starter kit)

You should hold very high standards for your officers and you should expect certain things from
them. They were promoted to help you establish and maintain an uber guild. This job is never
completed and your officer need to know that so they don't sit back and relax .

You can find more detail examples in the
Guildhelper Creation Guide
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