MMORPG Guild Portrait Commissions & Prices
capture your MMORPG experience. Commission our talented comic and fantasy artists to draw your character today!
Commission GNF, Genzoman or Illidan to illustrate your character all for the same price!

All Commissioned Artwork comes with
  • Gloss 11" x 17" paper poster print
  • Final digital copy in high resolution
  • Digital copy in JPEG form of your work in progression

Please go to the gallery for all preview. All our portraits come in Color. Choose Action, Elegant or Heroic poses. For multiple
characters, get a customized quote by
contacting us here.

Single Character Portrait

Multiple Character Portraits -*limited to 5 characters. Extra charges applies to additional characters.

Guild Portraits- artwork comes in 11"x17" paper poster print (ONE only) but additional print available
*please note Genzoman may not do guildportraits with excessive number of characters depending on time constraints.

  • 6-10 characters-$450 - sample 1
  • 11-15 characters-$600 -sample 1
  • >15 - Custom Quote

Guild Comic Page-artwork comes in 11" x 17" print vertical format. You provide the story and text.
Please note only comic artist Illidan and GNF available for this service.
  • Comic Cover - Multiple Character w/BG + Text + Title -$400
  • Page 1 -Standard 6 panels-$400
  • Additional pages-Standard 6 panels-$350

Specials-occasionally our artists will provide additional or individual art services depending on time availability.
  • Pencil sketches-$100 - pencil sketch of one character. No inks. No colors. Limited revision. No background.
  • Inks -$100 - inking of your sketch/drawing
  • Coloring - Custom Quote- digital coloring of your artwork

Availability May Vary; Unexpected Delay May Occur
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