Send an order form and select your style/artist. The initial
50% deposit is collected to ensure order and placement on the
artist's "to do" list. When your commission turn (que) comes
up, the process will begin. This may last a few weeks or
months depending on the list. Typically, we give the whole
process an estimate of 5-10 weeks from start to finish. After
a review of the character's personality, background story,
references and appearance, a few sketches or layouts are
made by the selected artist. The layout is presented to the
client and one is chosen. The number and details of layout
provided will differs from person to person. In this example,
layout# 3 was chosen.
Artwork and Portrait Process
Once a layout is chosen, detail penciling of the artwork begins.
Once done, this is sent to the client for revision or approval. If
revision is needed, please tell us! Please let us know if the
facial expression needs to be changed or if you would like to
add other details to the portrait.
It's important to tell us
NOW because after this step, no STRUCTURAL
REVISIONS or CORRECTIONS can and will be made.
something is not said or expressed, the piece is finalized and
you left the artwork creation in the hands of the artist.
After approval of the detailed penciling,  the final invoice will
be sent. Once payment is received from the client, inking and
coloring will start.
The inks/colors will be sent to the client for review. Alterations
of inking and coloring can take place. For example, if something
appears too dark or oo bright or if the color of certain areas
needs revision, that can still be altered here. After the inks/colors
are approved, coloring will begin. The final product is presented
to the client for review.
Once the final product is approved, the low and high resolution files will all be immediately emailed to the client. Printing will
then take place and the art print will be mailed to the designated client address n 2-4 weeks time. However, delay on this last
step may occur depending on time of year (holidays), unexpected delays or unforseen circumstances.
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