Guild Role-Playing
Role-playing is one of the essential reasons why people play MMORPG. Players want to dive into
their character mode and act, think and behave as their character while they are in their fantasy
world. One of the treasures you can have for your guild is to establish some role-playing events. With
the limited and predictable contents in the game, having out of game events and contents provides
new excitement and curiosity among your members. So if you have the time and the right officers,
holding a few role-playing events can go a long way.  

But before we talk about role playing events, lets discuss role playing in general. There are two types:
Semi-roleplaying and hardcore roleplaying. It is important to decide which one of the two, if any,
your guild will participate in since there is a difference between the type of players you will attract.

Hardcore RolePlaying
There are many MMORPG players who are hardcore role players. They will only join hardcore role
playing guilds and will leave when role playing mode is broken. Hardcore RP guilds have specific
background, goals and events in mind. They include the following

  • Members address other guild members and other players in RP format. (ie: addressing a
    member "Greetings Casandra" as oppose to "Hi Chrissy!"  
  • Members will speak in RP format (ie: a wizard will speak in foreign and exquisite langauage or
    a RPer will purposely not understand you since you are a different race.)
  • Members will behave in RP format (ie: so a stupid orc will behave carelessly or a thief will
    betray and steal)
  • Members have specific goals based on background and influences
  • Members live, breathe and eat in RP mode. (ie: occasionally you may find RP members do
    normal ordinary tasks such as walking, eating, and sleeping)
  • Guild has specific RP goals and quests (ie: goal of guild is to kill Draxstar, the dragon)
  • Guild has specific RP events and rituals (ie: members must recite guild greeting as a ritual
    upon meeting)
  • Guild has specific RP arcehtype (ie: The knights of Stormwind only accept human paladin

While important things such as powers, items, and DKP, etc are important, the most important thing
in a hardcore RP'er is living and breathing as the character. There will be flaws with their characters
and they welcome it! It adds to more roleplaying.

Semi RolePlaying
Semi-roleplaying refers to "role-playing only sometimes". This means that the lists above are
important but they are not vital to their game play. Semi RP'ers can "break" RP mode whereas
hardcore RP'ers are always in RP mode. Semi RP'ers using assume RP mode when only involved in a
RP event or a small group of like minded RP'ers. Like hardcore RP'ers, they value the history,
background and influences of the character. However, when it comes to raiding, instances, and
missions, all that goes out the window and tactics and game strategy becomes essential. Semi-RP
guilds will hold RP events every now and then to give their guild occasionally a new goal and task.
Since many MMORPG players are not role players, establishing a semi-RP guild can help you attract
all type of members.

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