Guild Admission Rules
In order to run a successful guild in MMORPG, one needs a set of rules and expectations, In general,
there are a few types of rules any guild need to set to ensure stability and order. In general, you will
need rules for each of these.

Guild Admission
This is perhaps one of the most important rule and should be thought about carefully. Whoever you
admit into your guild will define your guild. The criteria you set are strictly personal but here are some
criteria that many have used

Age-Depending on whether you want an all adult group or a mix bag, age limit is important. I suggest
an age limit of 18 but will consider those who are 16 and older.
I strongly believe that uber guilds are functional because its members treats it seriously and with
respect and age plays a big factor. From experience, you will find great players of any age from 16 to
50+. However, the ones who are the most active and have the most spare time to dedicate into the
guild are those from age 21 to 35.

Character Level-Depending on what expertise you are looking for, level requirement may be
important. Whatever you choose, you should try to have a guild of similar level so that you can
perform similar missions and tasks together. One of the worst experience as a player is when you are
level 5 and everyone in the guild is level 50. Not only will you isolate your members but there is lack
of teamwork and play. I recommend recruiting members of similar level and when its large enough,
expand into wider ranges. If your MMORPG allows you to form multiple guilds, one can form a guild
of lower level characters and another for higher, graduating the lower character into the higher guild
when appropriate.

Character Archetype
This is not very important because diversity is key in a MMORPG guild. However, if your MMORPG
guild is theme-based or are short in a certain archetype, recruitment for those types should be
emphasized. I see a lot of all female character guilds or specific archetype guilds that are very
effective when grouped together (example - debuffing archetypes or pet summoning archetypes).

Time Zone
There may be some who believe playing among people in the same time zone is better and there are
some who believe in diversification and playing with players all over the world. Keep in mind there are
advantages and barriers to both styles from language to culture to planning events for all to attend.
This is a personal decision and there is no wrong or correct answer. However, if you are just starting
out, you should probably try to keep it one or two time zone away from your own.

This is a key issue in my opinion. Like any work or job, who you get along with is vital to effective
teamwork and happiness. As the head of a guild, you will have to tolerate a wide range of
personalities. From those who are always Militaristic to always Cheerful to Bossy to Sarcastic and to
those who are always Quiet. My recommendations are to avoid Drama Queens and Grievers at all
cost. Those can destroy a guild from within very easily in a short period of time. I would also avoid
those with short attention spans and bandwagon hoppers.

Game Style
There are many reasons why people play in a MMOPRG. There is a wide range from the pure gamers
to the social butterflies. My take on this is that you need a wide variety of each. Having gamers will
enhance your guild with knowledge of the game. They tend to know a lot about missions, items and
techniques. Having social butterflies are also important. They are the chatty ones and tend to improve
morale, provide laughter, conversation and joy in playing this game. Don’t forget that the pure role-
playing members can add creativity and uniqueness to your guild.

With these criteria in mind, you can set forward rules of the type of member you like to admit. But in
general, the most important rule is to find those you can get along with and have a fun time.

You can find more important guild admission standards in the Guildhelper Creation Guide
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