Team Tactics 101
One of the most important skills that you need to be aware of is the art of “Pulling”. Pulling is a
gaming term which simply means to “pull” a single enemy from a group of enemy one at a time.
Selecting a target to be pulled is the hard part. However, it is a useful tactic. Oftentimes, you will
encounter a group of enemies (mob) that are too difficult to defeat if you combat them all at once. If
they were “pulled” one at a time, you have a much better chance of defeating them.
You should try to target the weakest enemy when trying to determine which target to pull in a mob.
The reason is because the enemy will often bite and get “pulled” alone. If a tougher or a boss gets
targeted, he will bring the rest of the group with him. No real explanation except that the gaming
program often anchors the group to the boss. So where the boss goes, so does the rest of the mob.
The rest of the group should stay in the back or a designated safe place on the map(often called the
camp) where it’s away from “aggro range” or the area where aggro will be initiated. The “puller” will
step away from the camp base and attempt pull. Once pull is obtain, retreat back to camp and wait
for the enemy to engage the group at the camp site.
Most people pull with some sort of single shot range attack (arrow, energy beam, pistol fire, etc.)
You want to avoid AoE (Area of Effect) like powers/skills because you want to target a single foe.
But other powers such as taunting, debuffing powers, and other single targeting powers can also be
suffice to pull.

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