Team Hierarchy
In order for a MMORPG team to function, each member must understand his/her role. How many
times have you been involved in a pickup team and wondered if anyone knows what they are doing?
Why is the healer in melee range? Why is the tanker retreating? Doesn't anyone know the basics to
team play?? Two of the most crucial roles in any team dynamics are the role of the leader and the
healer. From our uber team player guide, here are some Do's and Don'ts for those two roles!

The leader is the obviously the head of the group. There has to be only one leader in every team. The
main purpose of having a leader is to have one voice making all the crucial decisions. The team leader
decides how the team will run and the role each member will play. The leader must also decide which
route to take in the dangerous journey, when to be aggressive, and when to fall back.

  • Always coordinate and communicate plans with team
  • Always make sure team is at optimal strength before continuation.
  • Always organize a balance team      
  • Always be respectful.
  • Know when to fall back to reorganize/heal/buff
  • Decide how loot should be split before hand, in particular the rare items.

  • Never allow a disruptive player to be on your team.
  • Never lose your cool and yell at people when the plan fails.
  • Never be too overconfident in the task ahead.

The healer plays an essential role in any MMORPG team. The difference in defeating a difficult task
or foe can very well depend on how good the healer is. The healer generally have multiple types of
heals from group heals to individual heals. The focus individual heal tends to heal more than the group
heals. Most healing archetype also have some sort of remove debuffing power and some buffing
powers. A good healer can efficiently time his heals while buffing everyone in his group and focusing
on the critically weakened and injured. The healer usually has average to low hit points and deals little
or average damage. Therefore, stay out of trouble and attack only as necessary should be the rule.

  • Your number one priority is to keep the party alive. If one dies, you’ve failed.
  • Spam heals when necessary to keep the group alive.
  • Focus healing and remove debuffs on primary targets first (Tankers and MeleeAggressors)
    because if they go down so does the team.
  • In mass casualties, resurrect first those who can also resurrect/heal.
  • Keep the team optimally buffed before entering a battle.
  • Scream out AoE buffs/heals before setting them off
  • Do ask those that are debuffed to inform you but you should also be sharp at noticing.
  • Do stay alive because if you go down, so does your team.
  • Attack only as needed. (last resort or for the win)
  • Run away if last resort since only you can heal/resurrect.

  • Neglect the group/Heal yourself only.
  • Charge in/Attack first/Use AoE Attacks if possible ie: draw attention to yourself.
  • Hide in the back where your group heals wont reach.
  • Take too much time before you heal someone
  • Waste Focus Heal one someone when you can group heal them.
  • Don’t have an offensive and attack mindset.

You can learn more about each role (tankers, damage dealers, ranged dmg dealers, defenders, and
more) from our
Team Player Guide. More Do's and Don'ts for these important team roles!!
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