How to create a Free Guild Portal Website
Guildhelper recommends Guildportal for all your guild website hosting needs. It is the best and most
reliable guild website hosting out there. You can create a FREE account and a functional guild website
in minutes allowing you to post news, calendar events, photos, roster and more. With an upgrade,
you can remove all ads and content limitations while increasing more customization and website
control. If you want to create your own website with no restrictions, then
read here

1)Create an account.
This is the starting point for you whether you're creating a new guild or if you are a member of a
guild that uses GuildPortal for their guild hosting. Once a guild is created, however, members are able
to create an account and sign up directly from the guild page.

2)Create your Guild.
Creating a guild takes mere seconds, after which you will have a fully functional guild web site, ready
for you to customize using point-and-click content management tools or by using your own,
custom-made HTML and images.

3)Customize and Invite.
Use the Administrator's Guide as an aid in really getting the most out of GuildPortal's powerful and
easy to use content management tools, or just experiment to get the feel for how easy it is to
customize the look and feel of your site. With over 50 different types of content you can add
anywhere you like, you'll be able to spend more time playing and less time worrying about your web

Type of Subscription Price Every 6 Months
Standard Subscription $30
Custom Domain Add-On $20
BEST VALUE: Standard + Domain  $45

The Subscription+ is like the Standard Subscription, except you get a sub-domain with it.  For
example, instead of the URL to your site being, you can have a URL like These prices are fixed, which means you won't see any
additional charges for bandwidth or database space that your site occupies.

What Makes Guildportal the Leader in Guild Website Hosting?
GuildPortal is host to over 50,000 guilds playing Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Browse the
games and servers on our search page to see who uses them!

GuildPortal has a registered user base of over half a million, and has 6 million weekly visits. Many of
your guild mates have already used GuildPortal and are comfortable with the tools -- as well as
accustomed to the reliability -- of the service.

GuildPortal uses RackSpace to host their servers, meaning your guild web page has the same kind of
back-end support that sites like Monster, Bluetooth, and Motorola enjoy.

GuildPortal has been privately owned and operated since October of 2001, and is not affiliated with or
owned by any company that trades virtual items for cash, such as IGE/OGaming. They operate with
integrity, conceal nothing, and are here to serve your guild for as long as you are with them!
Now that you have a Guildportal website, it's time to get a catchy Guild Domain Name. Learn more
OR..If you're looking to build your own unique site, Read more here!
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