How to create a Free Guild Launch Website
Guildhelper recommends Guild Launch for all your guild website hosting needs. It's also one of the
newest and most reliable guild website hosting out there with many interesting optional features. You
can create a
FREE account and a functional guild website in minutes, allowing you to post news,
calendar events, photos, roster and more. With an upgrade, you can remove all ads and content
limitations while increasing more customization and website control.

This is what the FREE guild web-hosting service of Guild Launch offers
  • Free User Account! Create your own account page, add characters, connect with friends, and
    join guilds.  
  • Free Guild Hosting! (Ad Supported)
  • Ad-free sites available also
  • Free Guild Management Tools for guild administration and guild hosting configuration!  
  • Free Templates! Select from our library of customizable guild templates add or change guild
    headers, guild logo and or site background.
  • Free Guild Forums! with permission groups  
  • Free Guild News and Announcements!  
  • Free Guild Roster!, Member and Character Profiles  
  • Free File Library! with more than enough storage
  • Free Guild Application Tool! customizable to create applications the way you want and have
    the information available when you make a decision.
  • Free Widgets! small content features that add functionality and useful information with
    configurable locations.  
  • Free Support! Support Ticket System, New User Video Tutorials, FAQ's and Support Forums
  • Easy Character Creation with game specific data collection  
  • Easy Join "Launch Codes" available for each guild to create a special password for quick site
    membership for existing guild members and friends.  
  • Many time saving and common sense features created to save you time.  

This is what their premium services features.
  • Rapid Raid-our premium raid management tool
  • Track Character DKP
  • Track Raid Points
  • Track Raid Attendance
  • Track Raid Drops
  • Individual Raid Details
  • Track Individual Events
  • Track Raid Details
  • Data integrated with Guild Launch guild hosting application.
  • File Storage up to 3 gigabytes
  • 30 and 50 slot Ventrilo voice communication servers  
  • Special World of Warcraft Hosting Features  
  • - Free WoW Character Profiler Easily upload and update character specific details using
    the Guild Launch Character Profiler mod.  
  • - Free WoW Guild Bank for World of Warcraft guilds. Easily update bank through a
    manual input or an auto import using the Guild Launch Character Profiler mod.  
  • -Free WoW ItemStats 1.5 for World of Warcraft items throughout the application in
    areas such as our Rapid Raid application, forums, news announcements, and private
  • (ItemStats Site)
  • - Free Guild Launch Edition of CT_RaidTracker Import World of Warcraft raid data in
    Guild's "Rapid Raid" DKP system  
Now that you have a GuildLaunch website, it's time to get a catchy Guild Domain Name. Learn more
OR..If you're looking to build your own unique site, Read more here!
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