How to create a Free Guildomatic Website
Guildhelper recommends Guildomatic for all your guild website hosting needs. It's also one of the
newest and most reliable guild website hosting out there with many interesting optional features. You
can create a
FREE account and a functional guild website in minutes, allowing you to post news,
calendar events, photos, roster and more. With an upgrade, you can remove all ads and content
limitations while increasing more customization and website control.

This is what the FREE guild web-hosting service of Guild Launch offers
  • free version of the basic package with ads
  • World of Warcraft in-game module for roster update, item auctions
  • upgradeable to Basic or Pro package at any time

This is what their premium services features.

BASIC PACKAGE-$4.99/month
  • ad-free
  • homepage with roster and news
  • raid calendar
  • guild applications/recruitment
  • boss progression
  • item hovers such as [Cowl of the Illidari High Lord], [Merciless Gladiator's Bonecracker],
    [Faceplate of the Impenetrable] and [Black Coffee]
  • free subdomain such as
  • 500 MB of file hosting
  • upgrade to Pro at any time

PRO PACKAGE-$7.99/month
  • all basic package features
  • World of Warcraft in-game module raid snapshots, dkp support
  • item drop history
  • raid summaries and history
  • DKP pages for your guild and members
  • complete DKP system
  • 3 GB of file hosting

  • voice server for guild communication with status hover showing who's online integrated into
    your guild home page.

Custom Domain
  • host your guild site under a domain you already own, or buy one and set it up through us.

Included with all Guild Hosting Packages
  • 24x7 hosting at a premier colocation facility
  • daily backups of your guild data
  • quick-turnaround support from our staff for your guild site
  • template changes and additions for forums
Now that you have a GuildLaunch website, it's time to get a catchy Guild Domain Name. Learn more
OR..If you're looking to build your own unique HTML/Flash site, Read more here!
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