How to create your own Unique
HTML/Flash Guild Website
When you create a guild, you need to create a website. If you are not happy with what GuildPortal or
other guild hosting service can provide you, then you should create your own HTML/Flash website
from scratch! Keep in mind that you need a lot of time and patience to create and maintain your guild
website. But there is nothing like your own creation!!

Creating a guild website is easier than most people think. You don't need to know expert HTML
codes, JAVA, or have a lot of computer knowledge and you can still create a pretty good looking
unique website. There are so many FREE shortcuts and artwork/graphic creation programs on the
web, that if you look hard enough, you can create your own guild pages. But this is what you need:

  • Web Hosting-The first step in the creation of your own website is choosing a Website
    Hosting Service. When you choose a service, you also choose a domain name address for
    your site. You can read more about choosing guild domain names here. Listed below are the
    recommended reliable website hosting services.

  • Website Editing Program-Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe DreamWeaver are standards.
    However if you purchase the Yahoo! web hosting service, it comes with their own easy to use
    Yahoo! Sitebuilder editing program. We have an article about what it offers and a sample guild
    website built from Yahoo! Sitebuilder..

  • Template-Next, you need to create a website template. Many editing programs will have their
    own sample templates. There are also some FREE templates on the net. We've included some
    links here on our site. But if you're looking for that Unique look with music, flashy effects,
    and the professional look, then purchase a website HTML or Flash template. Take a look at
    our samples.

  • Imagination-At this point, its all up to your imagination. Add videos, artwork, screenshots,
    roster, forum, and more. Guildhelper's media guide is here to help you make your website
YAHOO -See the Guildhelper Guide for Yahoo MMORPG Guild Website Creation
Website Hosting Price - starts at $11.95/month (super reliable and easy to use)
GO DADDY-has now become the premier site for domain names and website hosting
Website Hosting Price - starts at $3.95/month and up depending on storage (super reliable)

If you are not familiar with website creation programs such as Microsoft Front Page or Adobe
Dreamweaver, then Guildhelper recommends choosing the
Yahoo Web Hosting Plan because it
comes with simple to use templates and the easy to use
Yahoo! SiteBuilder and other programs.
Many online businesses with no website designing knowledge use Yahoo Sitebuilder as their first
choice because HTML codes are not needed. GoDaddy also provide their own site building program
for novices. Most of these programs have templates and clip art which makes it very easy to use.
Just place the picture/text by dragging it to where you want it. Look at Guildhelper's
Media and
Website articles to learn how and what to put in your guild web pages. If you are a novice,
purchasing Guildhelper website templates, commissioning graphics or using the free graphics
creator/web page generators is the way to go.

YAHOO Website Hosting provides the following (Read more about Yahoo Hosting)
  • Use their easy site building software (Yahoo! Site Builder) with 380+ designs or your
    own third-party design tool to create a professional web site.
  • Get plenty of capacity to build many web pages and support lots of visitors. Web hosting
    plans start with 5GB of disk space and 200GB/mo. of data transfer.
  • Yahoo! Web Hosting simplifies site management, making it easy to update your site,
    share site access, view performance reports, and more.
  • Look more credible with personalized email that matches your domain name, like
  • Yahoo! Web Hosting includes PHP, Perl, and MySQL with virtually unlimited databases so
    advanced users can build dynamic and interactive sites.
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