How to create your a MMORPG Guild Website
with YAHOO! Sitebuilder
Do you want to design a HTML/Flash website with your own unique look? Tired of generic Guild templates
and similar website structures? Want to incorporate other forms of media into your website?

Creating a Guild with
Yahoo Web Hosting is reliable, easy and fun! Now you can create a wonderful looking
website with Yahoo Guild Hosting and its Yahoo! Sitebuilder program. Forget about difficult HTML or Flash
codes and scripts! It's so simple to use no knowledge of those language is ever needed. As long you
understand the basic concept of copy, cut and paste and if you have tons of Guild content (image and text),
you can operate Yahoo! Sitebuilder and begin creating a beautiful MMORPG guild website. Sign on to Yahoo!
Hosting and you get a free Domain name and all the tools for free.

Here is
1)Open Yahoo! Sitebuilder. There should be an icon on your desktop once you install it.
2)Click on File and Start a New Page.
3)You can select With Template or Without Template. Yahoo offers many pre-made templates and
backgrounds for your to choose from.
4)Now you can begin to do the following to create your website.
  • Create a Navigation Bar or a Menu. Select Insert, then "navigational bar" and "create a new navigation
    bar". (You will need to create more web pages before this menu is in full effect for linking purposes
    but you can try out different buttons and different styles. You can also customize and create your
    own menu if you have your own button graphics or design that you wish to use. If you do not choose
    Yahoo! Sitebuilder's set of buttons then click on the "customize" button on the "choose button style"
    and insert your own buttons). Drag and position where you want your menu. Decide if you want a
    horizontal or a vertical menu
  • Add pictures and artwork. Click on Insert "Image" and now you can insert any image you have from
    your hard drive to your website. You can resize them as you like. Position your artwork as you like. If
    you wish it to be a thumbnail, right click it and select "thumbnail" and choose a size.
  • Add text. Click on Insert "Text". Type away your title, message or statement. Choose the right font,
    color, font style, etc, and then position the text box accordingly.
  • Add a background. Click on Background. Choose either a color or a picture from your hard drive.
  • Add background sound. Now you can have your favorite Guild theme song play in the background
    while your members surf your site. Just click on Insert "Background Sound" and choose the mp3 or
    sound file from your website.
  • Add Audio files or video files. Again..if you have Guild Videos or audio clips that you wish to share
    with the rest of your members. You can click on Insert Video or Insert Audio and choose from your
    hard drive the selected file to display. You can then position where you want the player to show up on
    your site.
  • Adding tables. You can create tables of all sort. However, in website creation, tables are very useful
    for organization and page structure. So adding table would make sense. Some websites are built
    entirely from tables with all of the above elements (Text & images specifically) in each box, row or
    column. A table keeps things neat and organized and consistent.
  • Add HTML codes. If you know a cool HTML code for some special effect, graphics, banner or flash,
    you can click on Insert "Code Element" and just paste your favorite HTML code that you might have
    found on other websites. This is a good way to plug in cool Flash banners generated from other
  • Create links. Highlight text or click on an image. Then right click and select "Link to." You can link to
    your own pages, other website address, a file on your computer or email.(You don't need to do this
    with the navigation bar because it will do it automatically for you)

5)After positioning every element, take a step back and preview your website. Click on File, Preview in
6)If you are satisfied, then save your page. Choose the name for this web page.

REMEMBER, this is only the beginning! With enough practice, you can create other important pages and
incorporate other elements like forums, slideshow, calendars, and more into your MMORPG guild website.
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