How to Create a Guild Web Store
Ever thought about creating a Guild T-shirt? Maybe you've thought about putting your guild portrait
on a mug or on a poster. Well why not start your own Guild super store and raise funds to support
the website or picture hosting. Or maybe your guild want to raise money for charity. Whatever it is,
most Uber Guilds have their own stores to help raise funds for various things.. You can sell anything
from mugs, T-shirts, posters, clocks, stamps, and more.

Guildhelper recommends using
CafePress for all your store creation needs.

Getting Started
1)Create an account.
Just sign up and create an account!

2)Open A Guild Shop!
At CafePress, you can create and sell products with your designs - all with no upfront costs. Get a
free online shop and promote your products on your website, blog or in our Marketplace. CafePress
handles all product creation, credit card processing, shipping and customer service.
Sell products featuring your designs.
  • T-shirts & Clothing
  • Posters, Calendars & Prints
  • Housewares (Mugs, etc)
  • Custom US Postage
  • Self-publish your book.   
  • Sell your own audio or data CDs.

3)Upload your photos and designs
Upload your unique guild logo, guild portraits, guild short stories/songs and publish them in the
various formats above.
Now that you have a Guildportal website, it's time to get a catchy Guild Domain Name. Learn more
OR..If you're looking to build your own unique site, Read more here!
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